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Recruitment, COVID-19 and Digitisation in 2021

Want to recruit top talent for your company? We’re currently living in a time where the world is smaller than ever thanks to the boom of the internet and its associated technologies becoming more complex, sophisticated and tailored for every need and job imaginable.

A big part of this boom of the internet is understanding how your company can use the resources that are now so ubiquitous to reach its goals and full potential. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the recruitment sector was shaken to its core and forced to accelerate its digitization, as were the employers themselves.

Digital Recruitment

With Zoom and MS Teams interviews with talent now being the norm, at Virtue Talent and beyond, we’ve had to learn how to be slick, coordinated and confident with online recruitment—and it was a process we embraced and took a quantum leap forward.

Eventually, moving forward, we will enter a stage where we are no longer fully in the grip of COVID-19; many employers are still opting for a hybrid approach to recruitment and working life. Some of the benefits are that it helps save on costs and time and allows attracting a wider pool of candidates, particularly if much of the new role itself will be conducted remotely without the additional requirement of office space.

Our very concept of how we interact with our colleagues and team members has altered and shifted, ushering in a new age that can really help to broaden the talent pool. Whilst we agree that there is no perfect substitute for an in-person interview, the flexibility and cost-saving of remote working and interviewing cannot be ignored.

Workplace Digital Adaptations

Whilst it was, for some of us, a winding road to successful and productive remote working—requiring frequent reviews and analysis to hone best practice—the result was certainly one that we were happy with.

The cost of a bad hire is pretty monumental, which is why it is so key still to do all of the usual checks and balances when hiring a candidate through the online sphere, plus a few extra.

Establishing rapport through a screen with a person you’ve never met can sometimes be tricky, particularly when you throw in the inevitable delays and home interruptions. Still, the positive side to these so-called ‘negatives’ is your ability to establish a human connection with the candidate.

The very fact that, for many of us, our ‘office background’ is very obviously our home helps us connect differently with a candidate—use this to your advantage to help your candidate drop their barriers so that you can get to know them effectively and authentically.

Use Digital Tools

As many employers will now be making a hire without ever having met a candidate, it is more important than ever to have the right tools in place to put your candidate to the test. Psychometric and aptitude tests are now, more than ever, vital tools that will help you to make the correct hire that will add value, longevity and results within your company.

Virtue Talent offers a FREE Headway DNA report analyst at your discretion.


As we now move into a post-COVID-19 world, there is no need for us to drop all that we learn throughout the pandemic. Instead, let’s use the skills that we gathered to usher in a new era that will help us to get the results that we want and need now more than ever.


Virtue talent partners with engineering and construction organisations to recruit skill shortage and underrepresented groups in the workplace; contact us to find out how we can assist in achieving your employment objectives.


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