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Nurturing Careers, Building Relationships: A Strategic Approach to Recruitment in 2024.

Despite the negative press recently with conflicting signs of recession, the cost of living, and the canning of significant infrastructure projects by Governments.

The outlook has begun positively in 2024, and the demand for talented engineering and construction personnel is still STRONG.

The fight to attract the best or the best (and that's what businesses and projects want) is still a challenge, and here at Virtue Talent, we see that day and day, year after year.

Everyone wants LOCAL talent with LOCAL experience.

Staying ahead of the curve regarding talent acquisition and helping organisations thrive. In this rapidly evolving landscape, the recruitment strategies of 2024 must adapt and embrace an ever-changing job market, emerging technologies, and shifting candidate expectations.

With a focus on building relationships and nurturing careers, here are Virtue Talent's thoughts and tips on a comprehensive strategy for recruiting in 2024.

1. Embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation: AI-powered recruiting tools will be crucial in optimising recruitment processes. Applicant tracking systems, chatbots, and AI-powered candidate screening tools can help streamline administrative tasks and enhance candidate sourcing and engagement.

Here are some examples of AI-powered Recruitment and HR tools for a more efficient and better candidate experience and outcomes:

2. Personalise the Candidate Experience: In a highly competitive job market, providing a personalised and candidate-centric experience will be essential. Tailor your communication and interactions to each candidate's unique needs and preferences, demonstrating your commitment to their success and showing why your organisation is the right fit for them.

Example: Workable's article on creating a positive candidate experience:

3. Foster Diversity and Inclusion: Diversity and inclusion will continue to be significant factors for candidates in 2024. Implementing blind recruitment practices and adopting inclusive hiring strategies can help reduce bias and attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

Although local experience is a crucial demand Virtue Talent's clients ask for - and for specific projects and disciplines, this may be required. A blind recruitment strategy can assist HR and Hiring Managers in recruiting talented candidates they may have overlooked!


An informative article and strategy here by Pinpoint:

4. Leverage Technology: With technological advancements, recruiters can leverage chatbots and video interviewing platforms to enhance their recruitment process. These tools allow for efficient initial screening and remote interviews, saving time and resources while increasing access to a broader talent pool.

Here are examples of the tools Virtue Talent uses for more effective and efficient communication and interview processes.

5. Build Employer Branding: Establishing a strong employer brand will be crucial in attracting top talent. Showcase your company culture, values, and commitment to employee development and well-being through social media, a completing Employee Value Proposition (EVP), employee testimonials, and thought leadership content.


Gartners EVP: Create a strong EVP to attract and retain critical talent.

LinkedIn showcase pages:

6. Cultivate Relationships: Nurturing long-term relationships with candidates, including both active and passive candidates, will be essential. Utilise social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, and industry exhibitions and networking events to nurture relationships and engage with professionals who may not be actively looking for new opportunities but could be valuable assets in the future.


Virtue Talent has filled several hard-to-fill historical roles via relationships they established between three and nine years ago. Communication is gold, despite even the tiny interactions now and then - a simple Happy New Year, or I hope you are keeping well message goes a long way (probably more than you anticipate).

A great blog here by Jerrod Salisbury:

In the rapidly evolving recruitment landscape of 2024, a successful strategy must encompass digital transformation, personalised candidate experiences, relationship building, diversity and inclusion, employer branding, and strategic partnerships. At Virtue Talent, we understand the importance of these elements in finding exceptional talent and nurturing their careers.

What do you think is the best approach to recruiting talent in 2024?

Let's talk via Virtue Talent's free employer consultation service:

About the author:

Daniel Martin is a global recruitment and talent acquisition professional with sixteen years of experience sourcing national and international talent for Defence, Transport, Building and Complex Civil Infrastructure ventures.

VIRTUE: Moral Excellence TALENT: Aptitude, Ability or Skill

Note: the links, examples or suggestions provided in this article have no conflicting affiliation, paid advertisements or official links associated with Virtue Talent or any individual employee. The recommendations have been provided via research or our in-house knowledge of the tools. It is up to you to decide which tools are best suited to your business or situation.

We are not responsible nor liable for third-party content.

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