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At Virtue Talent, the most enjoyable part of our job is the successful delivery of assignments and feedback. 

Our biggest kicker is getting positive outcomes for everyone we partner with. Clients get the candidate they want, and the candidate gets the opportunity they desire. It's a win-win


Like any business, we have to be commercially sustainable to survive. We offer value at 20-25% lower costs than the traditional recruitment agency model and many value-adds that others don't provide. 

In some companies, HR and hiring managers are sceptical of recruitment partner costs; however, the examples below prove otherwise. How much does not employing critical personnel cost when you have a project to deliver or operational objectives to fulfil? 

Below are some samples of success stories of the many assignments we have had the pleasure to deliver over the years. We enjoy partnering with clients with their resourcing. 







Assignment: Senior Structural Engineer 

Client: Local Design Consultancy 

Criticality: Our client struggled to find a suitable structural engineer to deliver technically challenging niche projects while having the leadership and people skills to manage a team. 

Remuneration Budget: Mid Level

Remuneration Target: Candidate Identified on budget 

Timeline: Four weeks to find and interview a suitable candidate 

Timeline Target: Delivered the right candidate within two weeks of being given the task. The candidate subsequently signed and accepted the offer within four weeks of the process, start to finish. 

Recruitment Method: Market mapping of competitors and headhunt  

Current Tenure: 6.5 years 

Current Role: Promoted twice, now Associate Director/shareholder 

Value: Priceless impact on the business bottom line

Fee: 25% lower than the traditional agency model. 

Outcome: The business has been a regular client for six years, and we are exclusive business partners. 

Assignment: Project/Bid Director  

Client: Global, multifaceted powerhouse (contractor/consultancy)

Criticality: Although our client wasn't explicitly looking, this was an opportunistic offering.

Remuneration Budget: Executive

Remuneration Target: On-budget 

Timeline: Opportunistic Recruit 

Timeline Target: Six weeks, start to finish 

Recruitment Method: After building a six-year business relationship, the candidate contacted our consultant confidentially as they were unhappy with a role they had been misled to take 12 months earlier. This took much trust as the candidate is C-Level and had only two jobs in 20 years.

Current Tenure: 7 years 

Current Role: Promoted twice, now CEO 

Value: relationship-based opportunistic recruitment - priceless 

Fee: 20-50% lower than the traditional agency model. 

Outcome: The client has a C-Level executive on the board they would not have known about if it wasn't for our candidate relationship and trust building over many years. Typically, this would have been an Executive search assignment with fees resulting in double the cost and a retainer upfront. 



Assignment: Various site engineering, safety and supervision roles 

Client: Start-up Contractor 

Criticality: With project hold-ups and teething problems, we needed one of them yesterday scenario. 

Remuneration Budget: Mid-level

Remuneration Target: Advised a foreign contractor on remuneration guidance after being misguided. All candidates were on or under budget.

Timeline: ASAP/Urgent

Timeline Target: Delivered eight roles in 7 weeks.

Recruitment Method: Multi-prong - headhunting, previous contacts/colleagues, in-house database and advertising.

Current Tenure: 18 months, except for one who has resigned 

Current Roles: Site Engineer, Project Engineer X 2, Senior Project Engineer, Senior Safety Advisor, Project Admin, Foreman, Senior Supervisor 

Value: Priceless - without the staff in a buoyant market, that project would have been further behind schedule with financial penalties for delays. 

Fee: 20% lower than the traditional agency model. 

Outcome: Despite an infrastructure boom and all tier-ones with full order books, Virtue could utilise trusted relationships and market the client's brand positively, showcasing their vision, values and overseas projects. 

Have you got a challenging role to fill? Contact us to hear more examples of how we have helped our clients. 

The team leading your project or organisation defines your outcome.

Assignment: Senior Systems Safety Assurance Engineer 

Client: Global Tier-One Consultancy 

Criticality: Our client was on notice to lose a lucrative multi-million dollar contract due to a lack of resources and the resignation of a key staff member.  

Remuneration Budget: Executive

Remuneration Target: Candidate Identified within the budget 

Timeline: Two weeks to find and interview a suitable candidate 

Timeline Target: Delivered the right candidate within two days of being given the task. The candidate subsequently signed and accepted the offer within eight days of the process start to finish. 

Recruitment Method: Existing relationship and trust built over five years before placement  

Current Tenure: 7 years 

Current Role: Promoted twice, now ANZ Director 

Value: Priceless impact with many projects won since 

Fee: 20% lower than the traditional agency model. 

Outcome: Saved the loss of a significant infrastructure contract, and the client saved $million in lost revenue. 20% saved on recruitment fees, and the candidate has built a reputation and a large team due to their industry contacts. 

Assignment: Engineering Manager 

Client: Tier-One Contractor

Criticality: Our client struggled to attract a technical leader in a niche skill-shortage industry. The lack of leadership resulted in high turnover and project lag.

Remuneration Budget: Executive

Remuneration Target: On-budget 

Timeline: 6 weeks 

Timeline Target: Candidate found within one week; offer took four weeks due to internal constraints. 

Recruitment Method: Existing relationship via a conference ten years earlier

Current Tenure: 2 years 

Current Role: Engineering Manager

Value: Priceless impact due to staying in contact with the candidate over many years 

Fee: 25% lower than the traditional agency model. 

Outcome: Reduced turnover and project timelines normalised

Assignment: Senior Safety Engineer 

Client: Defence Contractor 

Criticality: The lack of SESA staff meant an excessive workload for the current leader and a backlog of work due to a lack of system safety design verification and sign-off

Remuneration Budget: Below market rate for the role (excessive competition) 

Remuneration Target: Delivered on budget 

Timeline: 4-6 weeks 

Timeline Target: The candidate was identified within two weeks and verbally accepted after four weeks. The candidate signed after eight weeks due to negative vetting and ITAT security checks. 

Current Tenure: 2.5 years 

Current Role: Transport Senior SESA Engineer 

Value: Priceless - hard to find capable talent in this market - especially in a sector that can't compete with transport salaries

Fee: 10% lower than the traditional agency model. 

Outcome: A critical hire in the delivery of Australia's defence capabilities 


At Virtue Talent, we offer tailored talent solutions for businesses of all sizes seeking high-quality candidates.


Our team of experienced talent consultants combines the latest technology, human intuition and industry insights to identify top talent and ensure a seamless hiring process.

Book a free consultation and find out if we are your partners.

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