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At Virtue Talent, we constantly seek ways to add value to our partners' businesses while giving back to charitable and industry associations and sustainable causes.


Below is what sets us apart from the competition.

HR Business Partners: We are industry experts who 'get' engineering and its many disciplines and sub-disciplines, including support and personnel, that make projects feasible, safe, and deliverable on time and within budget.


Any business or project's biggest asset is its people. With sixteen years of in-house talent acquisition embedded in a significant HR function on Australia's biggest transport project and influencing skill development from agency recruitment, we are best placed to understand your needs, requirements and constraints. We partner with HR functions to deliver exceptional results. 

The Right Fit: We know what 'good' looks like and go the extra mile to ensure we match the critical skills an organisation or project requires by presenting candidates with the interpersonal skills to integrate seamlessly into your existing team. 

We achieve this by utilising: 

  • Tailored handwritten reference checks by a real person - no AI here! Instead of using a generic reference check template, we write a detailed template to reflect the position selection criteria and suitability questions relating to communication, interpersonal skills, values, ethics, and past performance. 

  • DICS profiling to better understand a candidate's persona and evaluate their likelihood of succeeding. You have a limited timeframe to assess a candidate's suitability on paper and in an interview - we dive deeper to minimise the risk associated with new hires. 

Marketing and Attraction: We use unique skills and tools to represent your business best. We are your brand advocates, competing for you to attract and secure your organisation's best local, national and international talent.

We do this by utilising: 

  • A copywriter expert to produce compelling copy such as job adverts, hooks, and business cases.

  • With a multi-pronged proactive approach, we go beyond SEEK and LinkedIn with a solid network of contacts locally and globally; we regularly attend and invest in seminars, workshops, exhibitions, proactive media, industry blogs and news articles, proactive resourcing and passive engagement.

Save time: Time is money in today's fast-paced world of meeting KPIs, objectives and project milestones.

We save you time by: 

  • Cutting through the white noise by submitting 2-3 relevant, well-qualified candidates that meet the selection criteria and interpersonal skills required for the position. As of 2023, we have a fill rate of 1.8 candidates per position. 

  • Conducting thorough pre-interviews, acting as a business partner and brand advocate, we interview prospective candidates as if we are an extension of your HR team, taking a neutral, non-biased, merit-based evaluation of a candidate's suitability. We provide honest and transparent information to you so you can make an informed decision before proceeding to a formal interview. 

Representing minority groups: We partner with HR and hiring managers to implement a strategy to recruit underrepresented groups in construction and engineering. 

We do this by: 

  • Working and partnering with STEM groups

  • Partnering with institutions 

  • Proactive resourcing 

Cost and Guarantee: With up to 25% less cost (50% for start-ups) than the traditional, antiquated recruitment agency model backed by a six-month replacement guarantee - we minimise the risk and costs associated with hiring

Giving back: We donate $250 to The Smith Family. This national, independent charity works with disadvantaged children and young people to help them access learning support to become what they dream to be! 

Social responsibility: We plant five trees for every successful placement by supporting the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.

Book a free consultation to explore further. 


Use your industry contacts to your advantage and be rewarded for every job or candidate recommendation we place! 

There is no limit! 

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