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Employee Retention: Do you hire to take your staff higher?

Do you hire to take your staff higher? 🧀

👉 Do you have a sufficient progression plan in place for your staff?

👉 Do you have an L&D budget and identification plan in place?

👉 Are there incentives and initiatives in place for self-development?

#retention continues to be a top driver for our clients.

Surprisingly, we often see Engineers move for little monetary increase. I often ask, why...?

The answer...


Little things like quarterly check-ins and career-building block plans often make a massive difference in whether an employee feels valued.

And ultimately, stays.

Don't wait for the annual performance reviews.

Ask... What can we do to make your role more fulfilling?

You may be surprised at how small the request is.

Invest in your staff, and they will be more engaged and productive.

However, in return for your investment, they are committed to a minimal tenure that is mutually agreeable.

We often see talented engineers jump ship due to a lack of perceived opportunity because of #communication.


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