Virtue Talent is Australia's leading engineering and construction talent partners. We are seasoned resourcing experts and executive-level search facilitators. We have delivered quality, focused talent acquisition services and executive search campaigns to a global clientele, working on some of the world’s most iconic mega-projects and infrastructural builds.

We believe in a simple philosophy: talent is crucial to business success, and no more so than in large scale engineering, defence, transport, and infrastructural ventures.

The team leading your project defines your outcome. When innovation and productivity are a marker for your success, a high-performing team culture, specialised leaders, and a diverse and engaged workforce will guarantee efficiency, delivery, and a high degree of competency.

We’ve been resourcing and supporting careers and business capability since 2008, and we have been partners in placing 1000’s of talented professionals, supporting projects from feasibility through to delivery.

We work with virtue, and we’re proudly leading the way in innovative and inclusive resourcing.

The best talent is hard to source. The art of recruitment has changed, and we’ve led that change. 


From graduate engineer to CEO, we tailor our talent attraction and resourcing to your requirement, adapting our team-based, targeted executive and international search to meet your needs on flexible terms. 


Our marketing, communications, and brand are vital tools in securing the people needed to deliver on your project or series of projects. Visibility and credibility are the markers for a successful recruitment firm, and with 13 years of resourcing behind us, we’re market leaders in high-level talent acquisition.

Engineers and Businesspeople

We are proud of our partnership model, and range of bespoke search capabilities: from in-house talent procurement to market mapping, training and workshops, comprehensive reference checking to demobilisation and redeployment; we know no one business or project is the same and requirements between teams and sites can vary. 


As such, we operate an “outside the box” approach to strategy, competing for you and delivering for you. Whatever your need, we don’t simply fill a gap or run a quantity over quality service: we secure game-changing talent with patience and with skill.

We employ a range of recruitment tactics and use our bespoke sourcing methodology to find the best in class – from well-established relationships, our unique bespoke searching tools, to our wide-ranging candidate database system, LinkedIn following, forums and networking events; 

we have placed thousands of candidates in hard-to-fill roles across 4 continents.


But when the jobs market is in flux, and when most employed professionals are passive talent, how do you attract your next star hire? 


How we source and attract professionals from that hidden talent market, where recruitment advocacy and relationship-based hiring is the make-or-break, that’s where we step in.


Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable consultants and discover how we have helped many businesses and projects acquire strategic talent ahead of the competition. +61 (0)2 8880 0242.

Ask about our flexible, cost-effective & individually tailored services: 

> Strategic Executive Search 

> Targeted Searching (underrepresented groups)

> International Search

> Exclusive Search & Selection

> RPO and Bulk Resourcing Campaigns

> In-house Talent Acquisition (temporary on-site assignments)

> Resourcing Strategic Functions

> Market Mapping & Competitor Intelligence

> Interview, Career & Resume Coaching

> Comprehensive Reference Checking

> Staff Demobilisation & Redeployment Planning

Rail and Transport
Building Construction
Tunnelling Jobs
> Sydney Metro - Tunnel's Stations & Excavation 
> Cross Yarra Partnership - Melbourne Metro  
> FMG Solomon Spur Railway Line, Perth  
> Aviation & Defence Navigation Systems
> Property Forensics & Diagnostics, Australia
> SEA 5000 - Systems Engineering, Australia
> Doha Metro Purple Line, Qatar
> Christchurch Rebuild, New Zealand
> Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit, Malaysia
> Riyadh Metro, Saudi Arabia
> MRT Signalling and CBTC Upgrades, HK
> Dockland's Light Railway 3 Car Upgrade
> MRT Thomson Line Upgrade, Singapore 
> Signalling Design Upgrades & Integration
> Metro Comms & Track Upgrades, London
> St Pancreas International Station Build 

We know attracting the right talent for a client can profoundly impact an organisation's success – and we know our bespoke model, personal recruitment, can have an instrumental effect on your career and your future. 


Virtue Talent provides a service beyond recruitment - we offer a range of support for our talented individuals, from the interview, resume and career advice to tailor-made workshops and training: we aim to not only direct talent towards the right job but to lift and elevate their career via deliverable placements and project-led work.

Locally based on a truly global reach, we have had the privilege of playing a role in some of the world's most iconic defence, transport, building, and infrastructure projects.

Director of Virtue talent

The current employment market can be trying: from reams of online jobs boards to misleading advertised roles and out of date job specs plus the added pressure of COVID-19 and working in the New Normal, the business of recruitment in such volatile and competitive industries such as high-level engineering, infrastructure, transport, building and defence projects can be challenging and highly competitive.


We’ve crafted our talent care management system for over 13 years, mapping the market and knowing where to find, engage with and finally place the right talent in the right role for our career seekers and business partners. 


"The art of recruitment isn’t in the pitch, or the payoff – it’s the relationship, and it’s in nurturing of your career and the mutually beneficial arrangement of investing in your future and the building of business capability".

- Daniel Martin, Director – Virtue Talent. Connect with me on LinkedIn

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When you’re instrumental in sourcing the talent that will deliver on critical resources and projects, recruiting with purpose and working with ambition is our creed no matter the skill set required.


When partnering with successful innovative businesses and talented professionals, we work to eight reciprocal virtues. These underpin our service, drive our relationships and secure our future:

> The highest moral standard of recruitment 
Ambitious and driven resourcing
Passion and pride in what we do
> Brand ambassadors: advocates of company values
> Honest unbiased resourcing 
> Delivery on our promises
A willingness to learn and humility 
Emotional intelligence and empathy
Ethically-led resourcing
Natural aptitude and skill in delivery  
Communication every step of the way
> Forge meaningful partnerships